[ROVERNET - UK] Oil pump, Oil Change Warning

Robert Heimerl robertime at cavtel.net
Wed Aug 22 17:41:42 BST 2007

Hi Alan,

Not exactly.  The key seems to be replacing the filter
almost immediately, otherwise one really does risk the oil
pump losing its prime.  I changed the oil on my previous SD1
many times, always replaced the filter within minutes --no
problem.  In this case, I had a reason for leaving it off
longer, perhaps a few hours -- was unaware of the risk,
naturally, until I began researching the subject after the
oil pressure did not come back.  My first clue was valve
lifters that didn't quiet down, oil guage reading near zero
-- previously much higher (and yes, I checked the sending
unit connections right away).

Based on the manual, the magazine article and a couple of
conversations, I'm sure I'm not the only one who's
experienced this problem.  Anyone else with a story on this
subject that they're willing to share?

Robert H.
Arlington,Virginia, USA

> You mean that each time I have been draining the sump,
> then removing the oil filter, replacing it with an empty
> one and then filling the sump I have been risking a dead
> engine? You would have thought that by now (15 years
> ownership) the death would have happened.
> Alan Gale
> Western Australia
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