[ROVERNET - UK] Identifying the year of a North American P6

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I agree that it is complicated, but I don't think it is that 
mysterious.  It is probably best to set aside the debate about whether 
the "year of the car" is the year of manufacture or the model year 
(September thru August) or the registration year.  Then I think that 
each change in specification can be traced to a date of manufacture and 
the associated chassis number.

That theory might unravel if Rover North America sometimes asked dealers 
to make changes to cars that were in stock -- maybe adding side 
reflectors or door mirrors?  Who knows...

Also, forty years is plenty of time for cars to acquire earlier or later 
components to throw us off the trail.


Brooks wrote:
> I don't know how anyone can actually tell the year...I have seen so 
> many differences in P6 cars that were made in the very same year 
> making the subtle differences very hard to use as a basis for 
> manufacture year dating...as for the actual model year being on the 
> registration ...well that's not much of a help either other than 
> knowing the if it's registered as a 1969 it is not a 1970 or newer 
> model...however in Canada (at that time) if the car was made in 1967 
> but not registered for the first time until 1969 it would be 
> considered (by registration) as a 1969 model car.
> Regards
> Dennis
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>> Its a North American market car, so the model year clues are a little 
>> different from others.
>> All NADA and Federal cars had overriders, except possibly the 
>> earliest 64/65 imports.  Early cars had aluminum "Sacred" 
>> overriders.   The transition from 1967 model year NADA cars to 1968 
>> Federal cars included the addition of a second brake servo as part of 
>> the tandem brakes and the change from HD8 carbs to HS8 carbs with the 
>> first layer of emissions control equipment.  This car also has the 
>> side reflectors, so it is at least late 1968, but it also has the 
>> under-bumper turn signals, cross-flow radiator, and twin door 
>> mirrors, making it at least a 1ate 1969, if not a 1970.  It does not 
>> have the next layer of emissions equipment and other late 1970 add-ons.
>> --Steve

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