[ROVERNET - UK] OT Spelling, Garage Sale, etc.

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Fri Aug 31 17:43:03 BST 2007

It's O.K. Kent. We geniuses do not know how to spell. That is why one of us 
invented spell check. Although, sometimes we cannot get close enough for it 
to work.

P.S. You have my list, let me know how many $ to send and I will help save 
you moving those items.

One word of advice for your new shop. Install 10' doors not 9' if you use 
single car doors. It is amazing how narrow a 9' door is when backing out a 
larger vehicle. My next shop will have 10's.

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> Not only can I not spell, I can neither read nor type. The part number is 
> GSV1028 instead of GRV1028.  I've caused enough confusion for one evening. 
> I'm going to bed.
> At least they are making progress on my shop building in spite of the 
> floods.  May be ready to move stuff by the end of October.  I'm gonna 
> (spelled correctly in Texas) have a garage sale before I leave Sterling.
> Roveretiredly,
> Kent K.
>>> superceeded by GRV1028, so there is no difference in
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