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McArdle fmcardle at suffolk.lib.ny.us
Sat Dec 8 22:46:06 GMT 2007

Hi Rover people, Just noticed the chat re: Pinto/Ford 2L and 2.3L engines.
First they are free running engines not interference valve train.
I just finished a 2.3 Mustang SVO motor for a customer which is a very 
highly tuned version putting out approx 300HP from the factory useing a 
high pressure turbo. The one we have put together is putting out a bit 
over 420 on the engine dyno and over 350 at the wheels. I learned alot 
about this motor doing this engine and yes it is a great one. Very robust 
and tunable. 2 problems to overcome and all else will work out, 1st put an 
aux oiler on the top to keep the cam lobes wet with oil or as we did 
convert to a roller cam and lifters.Factory did this on later motors. 
2nd Valve stem seals after 100K  miles will break down and little rubber 
parts will drop into the oil pan  and clog the oil pump inlet. Change to 
viton type seals and all is well. 
All cast iron engine and can take lots of abuse and still keep going 
  The racing class based on this motor was the Formula 2000. Cosworth I 
believe also developed a twin cam head for the basic block but I'm not 
  Nice motor but I still like the P6 4 cylinder engines better. I would bet 
with developement the P6 4 cyls would have been just as tunable. Porting 
was beautiful on the TC engine and the bottom end was very strong and well 
designed for rigidity.
  Just my 2 cents!!


On Sat, 8 Dec 2007, Vern Klukas wrote:

> Look for a books by David Vizard on tuning the ford SOHC 2 litre engine (aka 
> pinto). The engine is very stout and, in some forms, had been tuning out 300+ 
> HP
> Yours
> Vern
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