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Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Sat Dec 8 22:56:29 GMT 2007

>Hi Rover people, Just noticed the chat re: Pinto/Ford 2L and 2.3L engines.
>First they are free running engines not interference valve train.
>I just finished a 2.3 Mustang SVO motor for a customer which is a 
>very highly tuned version putting out approx 300HP from the factory 
>useing a high pressure turbo. The one we have put together is 
>putting out a bit over 420 on the engine dyno and over 350 at the 
>wheels. I learned alot about this motor doing this engine and yes it 
>is a great one. Very robust and tunable. 2 problems to overcome and 
>all else will work out, 1st put an aux oiler on the top to keep the 
>cam lobes wet with oil or as we did convert to a roller cam and 
>lifters.Factory did this on later motors. 2nd Valve stem seals after 
>100K  miles will break down and little rubber parts will drop into 
>the oil pan  and clog the oil pump inlet. Change to viton type seals 
>and all is well. All cast iron engine and can take lots of abuse and 
>still keep going strong.
>  The racing class based on this motor was the Formula 2000. Cosworth 
>I believe also developed a twin cam head for the basic block but I'm 
>not sure.

I think, but i am not sure, that the Cosworth BDA was on the Kent 
engine, the 1600-1800 cc engine that immediately precedded the 2 
litre SOHC mill. But I'm not sure either.


>  Nice motor but I still like the P6 4 cylinder engines better. I 
>would bet with developement the P6 4 cyls would have been just as 
>tunable. Porting was beautiful on the TC engine and the bottom end 
>was very strong and well designed for rigidity.
>  Just my 2 cents!!
>On Sat, 8 Dec 2007, Vern Klukas wrote:
>>Look for a books by David Vizard on tuning the ford SOHC 2 litre 
>>engine (aka pinto). The engine is very stout and, in some forms, 
>>had been tuning out 300+ HP
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