[ROVERNET - UK] Getting on - and some photos

Anders Hedelund anders at xoz.dk
Thu Dec 20 14:58:00 GMT 2007

Our house by the sea was burglarized yesterday, so after cleaning the 
mess I had an opportunity to go to the workshop and do a couple of long 
postponed things:

Coolant expansion tank: 
http://xoz.dk/ahl/auto/AfterFredFlintstone/ahl_4268.html shows a FIAT 
unpressurized tank behind left hand light unit. It was still half full 
after 10 years of storage.

Bleeding rear brakes: 
http://xoz.dk/ahl/auto/AfterFredFlintstone/ahl_4282.html and on shows 
how I used an additional length of tube to get easy access for the 
otherwise awkward job.

Front inertia seat belts in MK1 cars: 
http://xoz.dk/ahl/auto/AfterFredFlintstone/ahl_4292.html  and on shows 
how I did it.

All three things have been previously discussed and described here in 

..Anders, Denmark

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