David Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Sun Feb 4 23:23:16 GMT 2007

Hi Roland.
Your Rover may be safe from other *cars* at night with these lights, but 
have you considered *motorbikes*?

I have a motorcycling mate that hates these trucker leds with a passion.
He finds that the brake leds in particular are a real glare hazard on a 
wet visor at night.

He would like to see lumen limits imposed via legislation before any 
bikers end up dazzled under the rear of a truck.
It would be great if the lights had an automatic day/bright and 
night/dim setting.

South Oz

roland wrote:
> Hi all, I just recently purchased some LED taillamps
> for my motorcycle. My bike has many add ons and the
> limited wattage available has me looking for anywhere
> to save some. They taillamps are saving me 60 watts
> over stock #1157s. I plan on using them on my Rover as
> well. Jim at www.lednights.com is very responsive and
> provided quick service. I recommend you checking him
> out. Price was $16 delivered for two bulbs! He is also
> looking into making complete led panels to go behind
> lenses, should be really bright. When I get the Rover
> up and running I also plan on installing a thrid brake
> lamp in the back screen. I figure what good is a nice
> Rover if inattentive folks are going to plow into  the
> rear of my car. =8^O
>       roland
> DL650
>   Rover P5

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