roland veetwinrider at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 4 19:03:51 GMT 2007

Hi all, I just recently purchased some LED taillamps
for my motorcycle. My bike has many add ons and the
limited wattage available has me looking for anywhere
to save some. They taillamps are saving me 60 watts
over stock #1157s. I plan on using them on my Rover as
well. Jim at www.lednights.com is very responsive and
provided quick service. I recommend you checking him
out. Price was $16 delivered for two bulbs! He is also
looking into making complete led panels to go behind
lenses, should be really bright. When I get the Rover
up and running I also plan on installing a thrid brake
lamp in the back screen. I figure what good is a nice
Rover if inattentive folks are going to plow into  the
rear of my car. =8^O

  Rover P5

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