[ROVERNET - UK] LIGHTS and brains

David Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Tue Feb 6 23:52:21 GMT 2007

No fights here <g>.
BUT .. Lamps are only a fraction of the delivery system, brightest is 
not necessarily the best as all the *real* work is done by the optical 
The best lamp in the world is useless if the optical system cannot 
effectively deliver the light to the target.

This is the problem with older headlights. They cannot hold a candle 
(pun intended) to the modern engineered automotive reflector/lens 

I had a close look at my SD1's headlight assembly a year or so ago and 
was horrified by the state of the reflectors.

Glare control is also essential.
Headlights must also be aimed and used correctly.

<rant alert>
Don't know about your neck of the woods, but here in Oz, there is a 
developing "disease" to run low mounted driving/fog "wanker lights" at 
all hours of the day and night in all situations.
<rant off>

South Oz

Fletcher wrote:

<lotsa goods stuff snipped>


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