[ROVERNET - UK] Animals and no-brains - OT

David Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Wed Feb 7 03:09:18 GMT 2007

Paul Smith wrote:
> Besides, cattle, sheep and emus do *not* respond to alerters. They just 
> blindly follow the animal in front when alerted. Trust me on that one!
> The most dangerous situation (day or night) is when animals are gathered 
> on both sides of the road .... you have no idea which way they will 
> bolt. Just slow right down and cover the brake.
> I'd be interested to know what brands you tried, and what conditions surround the observations.

Bullbar mounted wind whistles ... nah, the adhesive is too hard to 
remove ;-)

A borrowed "Roo Shu" ... I noticed not much seemed to be happening, so I 
carefully approached a grazing roo so he didn't see me and activated the 
device. I didn't even get an ear quiver!  Maybe his iPod was turned up.

I find my diesel Land Rover Defender on approach scatters sheep far more 
readily than any of my mate's petrol vehicles. Must be a Defender thing!

As I said before, with most mobs of bush animals, wild or domestic, once 
one is startled for whatever reason, all the others will just blindly 
bolt towards or away from you following the one in front!
It may be relatively easy to dodge one startled animal ... a mob is 
another matter!

South Oz

> I have encountered a cow on the road on my tri bike; I stopped 100m away to see what it would do.  It was blocking my side of the road.  2 approaching cars went through slowly, so I figured it was not going to spook.  Rode slowly past it, and it took off, which gave me a fright... why didn't it bolt when cars went past...

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