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Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Thu Feb 8 02:58:13 GMT 2007

Hi Peter,
Jim Hall reported sometime back that the Koni numbers were 80 1666 front 
and 80 1667 rear.  I seem to recall discussion about whether or not the 
Konis were valved correctly.  P6 front shocks work backward from normal 
shocks.  I don't know about the springs.  Pierre may have OEM shocks.  
Where are you Pierre?

Kent K.

Peter Mitchell wrote:

>Guys, while you've been debating the rights and wrongs of lights (and P6's
>had spotlights set very low didn't they?) I posted a message asking for
>advice on how to obtain the correct springs and shocks for my P6B.
>My springs were replaced with a set of the wrong height and diameter.
>Should I pick up an old set of springs and have them re-tempered? 
>And please, what is the make/classification of the correct shock absorbers
>to use?
>On the subject of brakes, my stepson turned up a few years ago with very low
>mounted driving lights which came on with his side lights and headlights.
>He sneered at my advice to wire them through the high beam only.  Later he
>received a traffic infringement for using the lights. Justice!!
>Kind regards
>Peter Mitchell
>Perth W/Australia
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