[ROVERNET - UK] Roveritis

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Fri Feb 9 04:29:44 GMT 2007

Katherine Cuba wrote:

> I had never seen a Rover sedan until I saw this pretty Rover P4 on 
> EBay.  I put in what I thought was a ridiculously low bid, and then 
> had to call my wife, who was out of town at the moment and say, "Oh, 
> by the way dear, guess what I just bought."
> I'm learning about the 105S as I go along, and also about how lucky I 
> am to be married [still] to this woman.
> Michael
> St. Louis or thereabouts
Hi Michael,
I've got an extra 105S engine and some really nice carbs tha Glen sent 
me by mistake...engine doesn't smoke but needs rod bearings.

Kent K.

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