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HI Steve

Nice work on the engine bay, but just one detail: properly, the 
camcover vent filter should be hammertone grey, not black. The black 
is correct if you have a Land Rover.

As for the air cleaner, I would suggest the stock housing with K&N 
aftermarket elements. The bit about the front carb getting more air 
is incorrect, except possibly for a small ram air effect at speed.

I notice with the elements you have, you have removed the adapters 
that mate the carbs to the original air clearer housing. That is not 
a good move, the radius of the adapter allows significantly more 
airflow through the carbs, over what I presume you have now, sharp 
edges at the carb mouths. We are talking about 20 or 30% more air, 
mate! Also, removing the adapter meant that you had to plumb the 
camcover vent to the crankcase vent. That vent was intended to vent 
to the airbox, not to the back side of the carb. I'm not sure about 
the effect of that, except that I believe were you have it plumbed 
now has a restriction to flow (I'll have to dig out a HD8 body and 


>Hi JPS and Fletcher,
>I am actually tapped into the hose after the check valve, so I may 
>need to rectify this. I am using very small dia. hose, so at first 
>the gauge was very sensitive and I think the damping was good, but 
>now the gauge is not very sensitive at all.  I checked the hose for 
>cracks etc. and it seems fine, and so is are connections to the 
>Besides using the stock air cleaners, do you know of any good 
>aftermarket ones that would fit, look good, and allow good air flow? 
>I want even air flow to the carbs, and it seems that the stock air 
>cleaner housing lends more air to the front carb.
>Thanks for your help,
>hi steve !
>if your intention is  to monitor the manifold vacuum ( i assume ) , be
>careful to tap before the check valve. if you tap after the valve , you
>will be monitoring the servo vacuum instead.
>the valve is fixed to the manifold , and the rubber hose attaches to it.
>when i got my present 2000tc the previous owner had installed extra
>gauges , and the vacuum gauge was reading the servo.
>he had tapped the rubber hose going to the servo with a "T" connector.
>if you did it wrong , just turn the engine off , and if the gauge still
>reads vacuum you are measuring the servo.
>the easiest way is to connect the gauge is in parallel with the vacuum
>advance line, by bifurcating the vacuum advance port at the manifold.
>do the diagnostics before you junk the gauge , it may be innocent !
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>   A while back I installed 3 supplementary gauges on my 1969 TC. The
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