[ROVERNET - UK] Charging problem

David Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Tue Feb 20 01:22:22 GMT 2007

Hi Steve
Check that your charge idiot bulb is not burned out.
It should come on with all the other indicators at ignition "on".
The small current it passes to the alt's field via the regulator is 
crucial in the alt's voltage buildup process.

South Oz

Steve Lawrence wrote:
> My system shows no charging voltage from my Lucas alternator.  I removed 
> the alternator (what a pain) and took it to the shop.  It checked out 
> fine, as did the 4TR alternator control.  There has been no change in 
> the wiring.
> There was some fraying of the insulation where the leads touched the 
> exhaust manifold, so I replaced these wires.
> If the 3AW warning light control goes bad, I doubt this would mess with 
> the charging voltage??  What about the 6RA relay in the circuit? My volt 
> meter is packed right now, so if you think the 6RA may be to blame, I am 
> happy to buy a spare and see if this is the trouble.
> Thank you,
> Steve

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