[ROVERNET - UK] Rover P6B - fitting of headers

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Fitting them into the available space may be a bit of a problem if you =
headers designed for other applications; there's not a whole lot of room
between the cylinder heads and the base unit on a P6B, so a set that =
fit another car with the V8 may require serious surgery.=20

My own feeling is that while these Rovers are quite sporting cars, the =
of headers gives the car an aggressive and noisy edge that doesn't quite =
unless you=92re racing or hot-rodding. In my mind the effect is rather =
like a
Harley Street specialist wearing Doc Martens to the office.=20

That said, headers have been made for this job, just make sure you =
don=92t get
sold something that will only fit a V8 Defender or Disco=20



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Hello to Rovernetters,

I have a new engine being built for my P6B and the exchange will take =
in the next couple of weeks.

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