[ROVERNET - UK] Rover P6B - fitting of headers

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Thu Feb 22 04:11:49 GMT 2007

Hi Peter,
RPi now makes headers for the P6B.  They are beautiful 
(stainless steel).  They are efficient.  They are NOT 
cheap.  See their Ebay on-line store.

Some "flat collector" headers intended for MGB V8 will fit 
since MGB V8 had tight engine compartment and same oil pan 
as P6B, but I have heard that these are not efficient and 
were one reason that the MGRV8 went with fenderwell type 

P6B's are notorious for high under bonnet temperatures 
anyway.  Headers make this worse unless they are wrapped. 
 Even stock downpipes should receive a thermal wrap to 
help this situation.

Headers seldom produce any gains below 4,000 RPM.  How 
often will you turn 4,000 RPM in your P6B automatic.

Late Range Rover Classic manifolds are quite efficient and 
can be used if you chop out and box a section of base 
unit.  I've seen it done, but I'm not that brave.

Nothing else comes close to fitting.

The best exhaust improvement for a P6B is still the 3500S 
(four speed manual) type cast iron manifolds with their 
larger outlets and larger downpipes...if you can find a 
set.  They are significantly better than those fitted to 
P6B automatics and are not as prone to crack since they 
lack the provision for intake heat and thus have a 
uniformly smooth outer surface.

Kent K.

On Thu, 22 Feb 2007 08:28:50 +0900
  "Peter Mitchell" <peter_m at amnet.net.au> wrote:
> Hello to Rovernetters,
> I have a new engine being built for my P6B and the 
>exchange will take place
> in the next couple of weeks.
> My petrolhead (aren't we all?) stepson suggested that 
>this would be the
> ideal time to fit headers. Now I have seen these on eBay 
>at quite reasonable
> prices, but will they fit?  Or do I need to have them 
>especially made for
> the P6B? Will any headers fit the P6B?
> Any advice on this would be timely and most welcome.
> Kind regards
> Peter Mitchell
> Perth Western Australia
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