[ROVERNET - UK] P6B V8 Engine block

Ray raywilkins at optusnet.com.au
Wed Jan 10 11:59:38 GMT 2007

I know things have been a bit on the quiet side lately, probably due to
'post Christmas/New Year overindulgence syndrome'. Now I believe I may have
asked this question before but any responses have been lost in the mists of
time. I have a spare P6B V8 engine sitting idle on an engine stand in my
garage just taking up room. My original thought was that I'll keep it 'just
in case'; yes, those famous words and that was over 3 years ago! My question
is really, "what is the wisdom in keeping it?" It is (or was) a working
motor before it was removed. If my present motor were to become terminally
ill, would it be prudent to replace like for like or put in a newer Rover
V8? Even if I were to get rid of the block, is it worth keeping other parts
like pistons? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Another thought is I
suppose that I keep the block, restore it, replace old or inefficient parts
and replace my existing motor then chuck that one away!


Ray Wilkins
Melbourne Australia
1976 P6B

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