R: R: [ROVERNET - UK] Rover P6 2000 TC racer on ebay

Ruotolo Gianluca (MERCATO STAFF) gianluca.ruotolo at enel.it
Mon Jan 15 16:21:23 GMT 2007

Dear Glen,

		sometimes also a car needs a good can of beer...

By the way, I'd like to buy this car.
It' s very beautiful and the floorpan at the end is not bad.
The only thing is the reliability of this engine with such a supply of petrol: will it last?
And how long?

Some of these engines had big valves problems, so after some years you had to change them.
In this way the effort will be stronger, so I'm not sure of the result.

By the way, my rover is still at the coachbuilder.
The master of arts must weld and paint the motor lid and the second one ( the one who helps me) must paint the outer sills, since two months.
Being retired, he went a month on holiday in Argentina, and at christmas time, when he came back, he didn' t want to work.

So I must be patient, and the car is still there.

Best regards, Gianluca.

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Ruotolo Gianluca (MERCATO STAFF) wrote:
> A splendid car in very good condition, with some rust only on the 
> floorpan. With three carburettors ir should be a real rocket.
> Regards, Gianluca.


Looks like one of those carbs might be a fluid reservoir, but that can 
of Fosters might give it a good kick!

Alcohol injection system?


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