[ROVERNET - UK] No get up and go!!!!

LANCE G LACERTE, LANCE G LA CERTE lacpsyd6 at msn.com
Sat Jul 14 21:24:14 BST 2007


Many, many, many thanks as always to all of the Rover cognoscenti who were 
instrumental in helping me get Il Monstro ('70 'Federal' 3500S)  back 
together.   Just completed a complete suspension rebushing ( I NEVER would 
have done it if I had had any idea what I was getting into!!!), engine 
rebuild, engine bay repaint (thanks in no small part to Ben Rodgers for his 
suggestion, many moons ago to use POR-15----that stuff is truly 
amazing---like applying liquid enamel!!!), and cleaning/polishing/powder 
coasting everything under the hood!!!!!

With all of the above boasting over, I would appreciate some help.  The 
engine (rebuilt by the fabulous Ted Ax), runs like butter (buttah in New 
Jersey) in the garage.  Whenever I pull it out of the garage I have 
absolutely no power to go up and down the street.  Several things to keep in 
mind----I installed a new downshift cable and have no clue how to adjust it. 
It doesn't seem to be shifting much at all (I had the transmission 
completely rebuilt last year and it ran beautifully until I pulled it with 
the engine).  To get the engine to idle smoothly in the garage I have, with 
the help of a timing light, adjusted the distributor almost beyond the BTDC 
mark (even though I am at 5,000 feet in Denver, CO,) while also adjusting 
the idle screws on the SUs.  Ted apparently adjusted the dwell angle and 
contacts correctly, so I have not pulled the distributor off to mess with 
that (this is actually where my knowledge base begins to fail)

I am completely stumped.  No leaks, no hissing, no nothing.  Everything 
looks and sounds perfect, but it is almost completely anemic.

Any diagnostic/trouble shooting advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Lance La Certe,  Denver, CO 

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