[ROVERNET - UK] No get up and go!!!!

Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton smokeandsteam at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 22:05:36 BST 2007

"Anaemic" is a bit hard to diagnose, but my own view is that you
probably should look for ignition problems first - coil and condenser
are common culprits.

That said, if the slushbox isn't shifting and the revs aren't
excessive when you finally get up to speed then you might be stuck in
top which will slow you down getting off the line. The Haynes manual
gives basic instructions for setting the kickdown, but you may prefer
to have this carried out by your transmission shop; an alternative is
the suck-it-and-see method of shortening the cable by a few turns and
seeing what happens; this isn't a method you will find in any manual
but might get you home on a dark and stormy night. (The sludge in my
brain has just disgorged a vaguely formed factoid about there being
two different cable lengths on the 3500 - I need to check this for

Something else to watch for is the brake system -if they are not
releasing fully (a not uncommon problem) then that will feel like a
lack of power - the power is there but it's being absorbed by the

Lack of power under load could also be caused by the fuel system -
blocked lines or a defective pump might deliver enough juice to start
and idle the engine but not enough to allow full power under load. I
would normally expect some sort of spluttering or hesitation in this
case but check it out once you're sure the ignition is working as it

Not much help here I'm afraid but the only way to do this is a
methodical diagnosis - check everything ( including all the electrcial
connections) and then check it again to be sure.


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