[ROVERNET - UK] Rover 2000 Keys.

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Sat Jul 21 17:35:34 BST 2007


Pete Groh in Maryland is a long time supplier of british keys; here is 
his website:  http://britishcarkeys.com/

There are numerous UK vendors too -- here is one on ebay: 

If that long link doesn't work, then search for "Classic car key MRN FS 
FP" or similar in Classic Car parts on ebay.co.uk

You may be able to find original Wilmot Breeden keys with the key code 
stamped on them -- a fun detail to have.


James Radcliffe wrote:
> I have a problem. The previous owners of my 2000 TC lost the keys. 
> Rather than getting a new set made they just put in a different key 
> switch into the ignition, and left the car unlocked. I would like to 
> lock it. If everyone out there in Rover world could have a look and 
> see if what key code they have. If anyone has FR 822, or FS 896, then 
> could they be so kind to make a copy, and send it to me. I am prepared 
> to pay for the key cutting of course, and postage. Contact me off list.
> I thought that I had the old key switch, and that I could send that 
> off to a guy in Texas to get one made. Unfortunately I seem to have 
> lost it, so I would have to take the whole car to Texas. I can 
> probably get the boot key made, by taking out the glove box lock and 
> sending it to them
> James Radcliffe.
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