[ROVERNET - UK] Rover 2000 Keys.

James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
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The ignition switch is pretty standard, similar to other British cars. You 
should be able to order a key and tumbler from Moss Motiors or Victoria 
British for an MG Midget or MGB. Use the point of a test light  or ice pick 
to depress the little button on the side, grasp the tumbler with a vice 
grips and pull it out. The new one just pops in to replace it.James Dean, 
Ft. Lauderdale.
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> I have a problem. The previous owners of my 2000 TC lost the keys. Rather 
> than getting a new set made they just put in a different key switch into 
> the ignition, and left the car unlocked. I would like to lock it. If 
> everyone out there in Rover world could have a look and see if what key 
> code they have. If anyone has FR 822, or FS 896, then could they be so 
> kind to make a copy, and send it to me. I am prepared to pay for the key 
> cutting of course, and postage. Contact me off list.
> I thought that I had the old key switch, and that I could send that off to 
> a guy in Texas to get one made. Unfortunately I seem to have lost it, so I 
> would have to take the whole car to Texas. I can probably get the boot key 
> made, by taking out the glove box lock and sending it to them
> James Radcliffe.
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