[ROVERNET - UK] Towing with a Land Rover

Al Adams adam2402 at charter.net
Thu May 3 12:50:36 BST 2007

Hi David.

My first towing trip with my '95 RR County LWB (4.2L)was very unsettling.  I
was towing my Bugeye on my flatbed16' car hauler from MS to TN (about 450
miles) using mostly interstate highways.  Standard hookup without sway
control or equalizer hitch.  Towing power wasn't nearly as good as some tow
vehicles I've had in the past, but adequate -just try to get a running start
going up hills.  I learned to slow down considerably when semis where
passing me to help avoid trailer sway.  Speeds above 65 mph would create the
"tail wagging the dog" effect.

I did a little research and found Rover claimed all this was normal due to
the positioning of the RR's rear axle and long tail overhang.  They
recommended and I installed an equalizer hitch and a sway control brake.  It
made a world of difference.  All problems and negative aspects were
virtually eliminated except the marginal towing power of the engine.  I've
made several tows since that time and have had no further problem.  Be sure
your trailer is equipped with an axle brake, too.

Hope this helps.

Al Adams
Madisonville, TN
95 Range Rover County Classic LWB
80 Rover SDI
60 Rover P4 100 with 3 litre conversion

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