[ROVERNET - UK] Need to know about Land Rovers for pulling?

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I've got a S1 V8 3.9 Disco auto that I use for towing my Mini racer and
it does a good job, although you need to shift the gearbox down manually
in steep hills. Had it for 10 years, only electrical malfunctions have
been the security/ignition spyder module (fixed under warranty by LR),
throttle pot sensor, and electric window module (replaced with one from
a wrecked LR for $50). 

Otherwise it has been extremely reliable, comfortable and, with the
swapping in of uprated springs and shocks doesn't handle too bad either
for its size and weight. The hot wire injection system is relatively
simple and in my experience quite reliable provided you remember to
clean the throttle butterfly and stepper motor occasionally to prevent
erratic idling problems (a 10 minute job every 3 months). Everything
else is usual BOP/RV8. It retains a conventional distributor but has the
later integral oil pump. And it sounds superb.

The S2 4.0 litre Discos had far more complex electronics and although
they are said to be fairly reliable they can be costly to fix. Things
like brakes and plug leads are far more involved to replace (the latter
necessitating removal of the inlet manifold and attendant efi). The US
market got a 4.6 version from 2004 using the same motor as the P38 Range


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Hi folks
I hope that everyone is doing well.
I am going to an auto auction and there happens to be a 96,97, 98 Land
Rover Discovery coming up.

What I was wondering is? What are the like to pull a
trailer...ie: a car trailer?
How about the years...are there differences that I need to be aware of?
Is there a good Land Rover to pull with?

Inquiring minds would like to know....

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