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If it is a generator rather than an alternator your problem is probably the 
cut off in the regulator. If it is the generator it should be armature or 
field coil open or the brushes are really worn down. If it is an alternator 
it is most likely one or more diodes in the rectifier pack are gone. These 
can be checked with an ohm meter. They should only read in one direction - 
front to back resistance. Put the ohm meter leads across and if there is 
continuity, reverse the leads. If there is continuity this way it is 
shorted. With no continuity either way it is open. I replaced an alternator 
in my 74 MGB because a bearing went out with a newly rebuilt alternator. The 
light not only did not go out, but increased in brightness as I increased 
engine rpm. A second rebuilt alternator cured the problem. You want to test 
it with a known good unit.

When you did the R&R of the generator and voltage regulator, did you 
polarize the system?


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> Hi Rovernet'ers. Any thoughts on my electrical problem:  My IGN light 
> won't go out.  This is the third spring in a row where I have experienced 
> this. Repairs to date have been new battery plus R&R generator; R&R 
> voltage regulator; new voltage regulator.  Car is 1968 P6 SC automatic. 
> No problems turning engine over or starting engine.
> Other than charging the battery with a battery charger and check that the 
> fan belt appears tight enough, I've not spent any serious time on the 
> problem yet, this time, but plan on starting to look into it on Monday.
> First thing I will do is to replace the voltage regulator with a new one 
> that I bought from Ruth (when last years problem arose - but didn't need 
> because the garage I took the car to had one) and see what happens.  If, 
> after the change-over, the IGN light stays on, then it's time to look at 
> the generator - not a task I welcome because it's so hard to get at the 
> generator.
> Before I get the hands mucky, any thoughts?
> Thanks.  Walter.
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