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Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Sun May 13 06:31:34 BST 2007

Found this site while surfing the web:

PS.  It's not a Rover site :-( but the concept must be
the same.

--- Walter Reynolds <wreynold at uniserve.com> wrote:

> Hi Rovernet'ers. Any thoughts on my electrical
> problem:  My IGN light won't 
> go out.  This is the third spring in a row where I
> have experienced this. 
> Repairs to date have been new battery plus R&R
> generator; R&R voltage 
> regulator; new voltage regulator.  Car is 1968 P6 SC
> automatic.  No problems 
> turning engine over or starting engine.
> Other than charging the battery with a battery
> charger and check that the 
> fan belt appears tight enough, I've not spent any
> serious time on the 
> problem yet, this time, but plan on starting to look
> into it on Monday.
> First thing I will do is to replace the voltage
> regulator with a new one 
> that I bought from Ruth (when last years problem
> arose - but didn't need 
> because the garage I took the car to had one) and
> see what happens.  If, 
> after the change-over, the IGN light stays on, then
> it's time to look at the 
> generator - not a task I welcome because it's so
> hard to get at the 
> generator.
> Before I get the hands mucky, any thoughts?
> Thanks.  Walter.
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