[ROVERNET - UK] Transmission tubing

Lance La Certe lacpsyd at earthlink.net
Sun May 13 05:55:21 BST 2007

I've just finished installing my rebuilt 3500S/SD1 engine----as I
methodically worked through everything (i.e., exhaust, power steering,
etc.), I came upon the stainless steel transmission tubes and to my horror
have been unable to 'fish' them from the front of the car (the radiator is
not back in yet) to their respective inlet and outlet ports on the
transmission.  The clips on the oil pan, and my memory (faulty?) suggest
that the tubes (running rear to front) do go up and over the lower 'yoke'
of the chassis and come out just under the oil pump/filter assembly?  Even
after removing the oil filter I cannot get these twisted pieces of
spaghetti back in place

Can anyone help with suggestions short of pulling the whole engine again.

Many thanks in advance

Lance La Certe,  '70 'Federal' 3500S
lacpsyd at earthlink.net

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