[ROVERNET - UK] 2000TC carpet and seat coverings

Jim Cumberland fjcumberland at yahoo.com
Sun May 20 22:05:26 BST 2007

I've bought 2 sets of carpets from Coverdale Carpets in the UK (both for AD=
O 16s).  I'm very impressed with the quality & fit. FWIW, I have a good fri=
end in Somerset who restores Minis to a very high spec - they are the only =
place he uses.  =0A=0AAlso, if you're not in a rush, I will have pallet(s) =
of parts coming over later this year (to SC).=0A=0ACheers,=0A=0AJim=0A=0A=
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AM=0ASubject: [ROVERNET - UK] 2000TC carpet and seat coverings=0A=0AI have =
carpet from Wadhams, for my 66 Rover 2000TC. It looks much better =0Aqualit=
y than the carpet which I bought from a company in Australia, back in =0A98=
 form a Sydney company. You will have to either cut a hole for the dip =0As=
witch hole, or buy a Euro style dipswitch, which controls the high low beam=
 =0Aas well as the flash on the column, and take out the floor switch.=0A=
=0AJames.=0A=0A>Hi all, looking for recommendations on purchasing full=0A>c=
arpets and front and rear seat covering/prefer=0A>leather in brown and carp=
et in light tan for my 1967=0A>2000TC. Car is in Costa Mesa, Ca. I see set =
of seat=0A>covers for SII in bronze, box pleat, leather listed by=0A>JRWadh=
ams. Will these fit?...raffi=0A>=0A>=0A>=0A>_______________________________=
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