[ROVERNET - UK] Rear Brakes(Jan Tilberg)

Ben Rodgers irishrover at netscape.ca
Thu May 24 15:09:22 BST 2007

Hi Roger
             Well I'm really no further along than pumping the pedal and
hoping it will eventually adjust the rear brakes. I'm attending a car show
this week end so don't want to start dismantling anything before then. The
brakes were overhauled just before I bought the car, the previous owner
spent $1500 on the brake job.
However I don't believe the mechanic was up on Rovers. For example he
rebuilt both servos, new lines to the rear including flex hose, rebuilt rear
calipers new discs and pads, new front rotors and pads. Yet the lines from
the M/C to servos were very rusty and the M/C was leaking but not replaced,
there was a new unit in the trunk??
The hand brake didn't work and the owner was told it needed a missing part
for the linkage. I haven't had a real close look yet but from what I see the
linkage is fine. My bet is the two pins are either laying down or not there
at all thats why no hand brake.
The only good to come out of this expensive job is that everything is new
and should be easy to dismantle etc.I have installed the M/C and new lines
at the front so its just a matter of sorting out the rear calipers now (I
                                          Regards Ben.
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