[ROVERNET - UK] P6B Expanison tank

James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
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XKE Jaguar 1968-1971, Jaguar XJ6 1969-73, MGC 1968-1969 , and Mini CooperS 
all used a flat cap with no spring, and put the release cap on the expansion 
tank; which can be mounted any place; as long as it is slightly below the 
level of the radiator cap. Coolant will expand and fill the expansion tank, 
then return into the radiator when it is cool. These tanks were brass,and 
had a mounting bracket. Some  later MG's used them, but without the flat 
radiator cap. Very late cars used a similat plastic tank; which is not as 
good.New brass ones are  expensive, or hard to find. I may have one; please 
contact me  jaguru at bellsouth.net  , and I will put it on my eBay store, Old 
English Motor Company ,for you . I put one of these on every car I 
own...Thank you,James Dean, Ft. Lauderdale.
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> Many moons ago (1999) Andy Thomas posted a link to photos of his
> installation of an expansion tank kit which he purchased from a Ray
> Weekley.    The aftermarket 'tank' I installed is about the size of a two
> litre milk carton and looks pretty unsightly.  In the pictures that Andy
> posted, the recovery bottle literally looks like a water bottle from a 
> road
> bike---very nice, compact size with a functional radiator cap attached.
> Does anyone have any recommendations as to where I could find a unit this
> size?  Is 'Ray Weekley' a distributor of parts in the UK?
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Lance La Certe '70  P6B
> lacpsyd at earthlink.net
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