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You could consider swapping in a 3.9 engine from a LR. 

The three most important ingredients in getting the RV8 to perform more
adequately are:

1. Extra cubic capacity - the bigger the better and there are so many
combinations of bore and stroke all the way to 5.2l;

2. Better beathing heads - the RV8s biggest bugbear are its restrictive
heads; 4.6/4.0 heads are the same with improved porting and waisted stem
valves for more flow but they use 29cc combustion chambers which will
raise your cr unless you swap to composite head gaskets (higher comp
will give more power);

3. A decent cam - the 3.9 is a good choice but there are some truly
excellent high torque varieties around from all the cam makers/ RV8
specialists in UK, US and ANZ that will give you an extra 15-18 bhp and
stump pulling mid range torque.


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Hi I've tried out the car and find it lacking power..............even
after changing the plugs and wires which were shot.................I did
a compression test on it and find most cylinders in the 100 to 110 range
except #6 & 8 which were 70 and 85 .............i can see i'll have to
tear it apart to remedy this...........What would be the easiest bolt
ons to up the power output without sacrificing drivability..........Do
SD1 heads or Landy 3.9 ,4.0 etc heads fit (meaning do they just bolt on
without any other work)and are they much better.........What camshaft
would be best ....a little more oomph but no idle
problems...........What else are recommended.................Is it
possible this is a low compression engine and 110 is the best i'll
achieve or should they be in the 135 to 150 range..........Being new to
the V8 i'm not too sure

Bill Robertson

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