[ROVERNET - UK] P6B nuts and bolts specs

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SU Carbs parts and some Smiths stuff will be BA threads and heads. 
Std double or single coned wheel nuts are BSF head sized, though I 
think the thread is UNF (very vague on that, I may be thinking of the 
Mag-Star lugs). Other than that and the fact that car mostly used 
Posidrive, not Phillips, headed screws, the car is UNF and UNC 


>..But Patrick...can you please tell me where on that car is there 
>anything but standard sizes used ?? I have had several P6B cars and 
>I honestly don't recall anything other than our old standard 
>wrenches being required...there may be something on a P6b that is 
>different but I have not found it....please let me know where to 
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