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Hi there again!

Hi Kent and all others! Yes it is the 4CU unit. I'll be able to check the numbers tonight.

Yes I probably be wise to go to a Bosch dealer and by new senders.
I looked the values up on the net but it seems that they were wrong. On an other site they state that the resistance should be around 8 to 10Kohms at -10º C. A difference by a factor of 1000. These values seems to be more correct. I found it on

Now this doesn't solve my problem (I thought I found a reason for bad running), but I think I adjust the spring tension to lean the mixture. The engine is running very fat - especially after changing fuel pressure regulator.

Meanwhile thanks for your answers.


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Hi Jan,
I think we established that your system is a 4CU system.  But just to be sure, tell me the numbers on the ECU label.  All sensors for this system are Bosch and should be readily available to you.  Only the ECU is a Lucas part.  Just take the offending sensor to your local motor factor 
(auto parts store) and get it matched up.   This is getting beyond my 
area of experience.  If Stunned Buffalo is lurking out there, I'd like to hear his answer on this.  Franc, are you lurking out there?
You can contact Franc Buxton directly at:  enquiries at

Kent K.

jan.tillberg at wrote:

> Hi there folks!
>I'm trying to get life into my 1988 Rangerover EFI V8 I've put in my 1973 3500.
>I've measured the resistance between pin 6, 8 and 9 and they are faulty. Then I measured the resistance in the temperature sensor and that was way wrong. At 0º it should give about 8-10 ohms but gives several 100 ohms. Are there any good substitutes for this sensor? Would it seriosly affect the running of the engine? Would it affect the resistance between pin 6, 8 and 9?
>I would be happy for information on this!
>Jan Tillberg Stockholm
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