SV: [ROVERNET - UK] Temperature sensor in airflowmeter

David Read defender110 at
Mon Nov 5 20:28:24 GMT 2007

jan.tillberg at wrote:
 > Now this doesn't solve my problem (I thought I found a reason
 > for bad running), but I think I adjust the spring tension to
 > lean the mixture. The engine is running very fat - especially
 > after changing fuel pressure regulator.

I would leave the AFM spring well alone. It is sensitive and factory set.

When I was looking at SD1's 15 years ago, a Rover mechanic told me to 
look for 2 things that would indicate trouble:-
1. black goo in the rocker covers
2. evidence of disturbance of the AFM cover.

I would check the ECU, all of the sensors and injectors first.

South Oz

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