[ROVERNET - UK] Temperature sensor in airflowmeter

Franc Buxton fab at jeengineering.co.uk
Mon Nov 5 15:58:53 GMT 2007

Kent Kinard wrote:
> Hi Jan,
> I think we established that your system is a 4CU system.  But just to be 
> sure, tell me the numbers on the ECU label.  All sensors for this system 
> are Bosch and should be readily available to you.  Only the ECU is a 
> Lucas part.  Just take the offending sensor to your local motor factor 
> (auto parts store) and get it matched up.   This is getting beyond my 
> area of experience.  If Stunned Buffalo is lurking out there, I'd like 
> to hear his answer on this.  Franc, are you lurking out there?

	Yep, still lurking! I don't read every post, but usually pick up on the ones
that might interest/concern me! :>)

	The temperature sensor should almost certainly _not_ read 8-10 ohms
at 0º,it will be more like several K (thousand) ohms. I don't have the exact
figures in front of me, but that should be a good guide. These are NTC thermistors,
which decrease in resistance with increase in temperature.

	The AFM is a Bosch part in disguise, but exactly which one I can't say
unfortunately. The part number may be marked on it somewhere.

	Jan - play with the spring tension at your peril! It shouldn't need adjusting
as it calibrates the AFM for precise reading and is adjusted at manufacture. If the
engine is running rich there is almost certainly another problem.

	Other than that it's hard to diagnose from this distance - hope the above


Franc Buxton
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