[ROVERNET - UK] Temperature sensor in airflowmeter

Warwick Brooks warwick at regscom.com.au
Tue Nov 6 00:07:05 GMT 2007

What are the engine symptoms that you're seeing Jan?
The flap-type airflow meter has a habit of wearing out the contacts in the
positions where the engine usually runs.


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 Hi there folks!

I'm trying to get life into my 1988 Rangerover EFI V8 I've put in my 1973

I've measured the resistance between pin 6, 8 and 9 and they are faulty.
Then I measured the resistance in the temperature sensor and that was way
wrong. At 0º it should give about 8-10 ohms but gives several 100 ohms. Are
there any good substitutes for this sensor? Would it seriosly affect the
running of the engine? Would it affect the resistance between pin 6, 8 and

I would be happy for information on this!

Jan Tillberg Stockholm

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