[ROVERNET - UK] Rust proofing a P6

Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton smokeandsteam at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 16:58:14 GMT 2007


Rust proofing is a complicated matter; there are several areas where
the worm can strike, but obviously the best way to rustproof is to
keep cleaning away the muck that can trap water from building up in
these areas. This is usually under the decker panels, where leaves and
debris get trapped  and around the wheel arches where mud and grot can
build up and trap moisture and in the areas wehre the panels join each
other and the base unit.

The P6 club has a guide at <http://oldsite.p6club.com/guidefrm.htm>
which covers some areas of concern - click on the picture of the base
unit tpo see specific info for various parts

There shouldn't be any real need to drill holes;  James and Anders
have covered it pretty well. One other thing to watch out for is that
as the rubberised underseal  ages it can crack and trap water between
the seal and the metal.  If you have the time and the inclination
scrape off the old underseal, prime and repaint in a satin black and
apply your favourite preservative.

As far as the colour goes it's not likely that this was a factory job
- a super respray seems more likely. As far as I know all P6s had
black engine bays; there should be a sticker under the bonnet on one
of the inner wings giving the original colour and Rover paint codes.


>  Any advice on how and where to rustproof a P6 ?? My new toy Rip Van Winkle is rust free . I would like to have it rustproofed but
> have no idea where to drill holes , or what to use  for best results . Any advice would be gratefully received .
>  RVw is currently black with elegant real paint [ not tape] gold pinstriping . Black was not a standard P6 color , the Heritage cert
> says it was Arden green .

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