[ROVERNET - UK] Treasure Amid the Trash

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Thu Nov 8 18:44:55 GMT 2007

Hi Netters,
I had a wonderful surprise today.  I have been trying to strip the cars 
that won't be moving with me in June and have been brutalizing a rusty 
SD1 that had already been picked over before I got it.  It still had an 
engine and five speed.  I disconnected everything in the engine 
compartment, turned the car upside down and dumped the engine and trans 
out, loaded the engine and trans into the truck and took it to the 
shop.  The engine was pretty bad, crusty goop everywhere inside, but the 
trans had evidently been replaced at some point just before the car came 
off the road...and is absolutely perfect!!!!  Should I put it in an SD1 
or go ahead and do the P6B conversion to five speed, now that I have a 
spare base unit?  Garrett Bourque has a nice P6B without a transmission 
that he wants to sell.....hmmm.

Kent K.

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