[ROVERNET - UK] Eimination of the AED on a P6B ??

phing phing at videotron.ca
Tue Nov 20 04:43:00 GMT 2007

 I'm starting the Rip Van Winkle Revival project by cleaning out the carbs and fuel system . The primary objective ,diversion of 
the majority of the fuel flow from the vapour recovery systems into the engine has been achieved by re-opening the carburetor needle 
valves, flushing the float chambers  and freeing up the floats .After reading the shop manual I have concluded that the AED seems to 
be complex way to manage a cold start .Assuming no environmental constraints , is it possible to junk the whole system and install a 
conventional choke on one or both of the standard SU carbs on a  NADA spec 1970 P6B 3500S ?,
Or would it be easier simply to junk the SUs and fit a honking great American carb and inlet manifolding ?
All advice would be most welcome

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