[ROVERNET - UK] Eimination of the AED on a P6B ??

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I have the identical car and the AED is disabled (put a ball bearing in the 
tubing to keep it all looking stock) and hooked up a choke assembly onto the 
SU carbs (my vehicle already had the conversion to a choke before I 
inherited it).  Others on the list with much better technical knowledge will 
tell you exactly how to hook it up, but my system looks pretty straight 
forward and works very efficiently.

Lance   '70 3500S

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> Hi
>  I'm starting the Rip Van Winkle Revival project by cleaning out the carbs 
> and fuel system . The primary objective ,diversion of
> the majority of the fuel flow from the vapour recovery systems into the 
> engine has been achieved by re-opening the carburetor needle
> valves, flushing the float chambers  and freeing up the floats .After 
> reading the shop manual I have concluded that the AED seems to
> be complex way to manage a cold start .Assuming no environmental 
> constraints , is it possible to junk the whole system and install a
> conventional choke on one or both of the standard SU carbs on a  NADA spec 
> 1970 P6B 3500S ?,
> Or would it be easier simply to junk the SUs and fit a honking great 
> American carb and inlet manifolding ?
> All advice would be most welcome
> Cheers
>  Patrick
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