David Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Thu Oct 11 00:00:59 BST 2007

Oops, sorry. I did have a vague impression that the NAS units may have 
been different ...

With both my SD1 and Rangie, I mounted the amplifier remotely with a kit 
and shielded leads to keep it out of the hot radiator air blast.
Problems ceased.

The grey cell that held the information on the kit I used has since died 
(along with many of his mates), sorry.

The unit is pictured, lower left, here in the Rangie...

I eventually solved all the SD1 problems by replacing the
* Air flap intake sensor
* injector ballast resistor box
by fitting a Haltech digital fuel control unit.

Oh yes ... replacing the Federal flat pleneum with a *real* plenum and 
an attached 4.6L made a little difference as well.

South Oz

Kent Kinard wrote:
> Joseph may be confused by David's comment about the ingnition amplifier 
> module.  NAS distributors have the amplifier mounted inside the 
> distributor...bad idea.  If this goes bad you must replace the 
> distributor.  You can use a later distributor with the external module 
> or use another distributor..Mallory, Buick, MSD, etc.  Some Rover 
> modules are mounted on the outside of the distributor and some are 
> mounted on the fender well (inner wing).

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