[ROVERNET - UK] Rearend woes

LANCE G LACERTE, LANCE G LA CERTE lacpsyd6 at msn.com
Sat Oct 20 14:23:15 BST 2007

Well,  I've discovered that 180,000 miles tends to take its toll on one's 
rear (LOL).  After rebuilding the engine and trasnmission, the mechanic who 
rebuilt the transmission for me has confirmed that all of the 'clunking' I 
was so worried about with the transmisssion and downshift cable adjustment 
is really the differential on its way out.

I would appreciate any words of wisdom before I begin pulling the 
differential out for a rebuild.  Since I was a virgin when I pulled the 
engine and transmission out and somehow figured out how to reinstall it and 
actually get it running, I'm hoping that with drawing the differential is 
actually somewhat simpler.

Also, I've left a detailed message with Ruth at ABC about the potential need 
for parts (e.g., hypoid gear, differential gear, oil seals, etc.)----Anyone 
have any other resources for parts?  Is there such a thing as a diffrential 
rebuild kit?

As always, any help from those in the know woulbe be much appreciate.

Lance La Certe,  '70  'Federal' 3500S 

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