[ROVERNET - UK] Oil changes in the V8

Dermot Harvey roverman2 at verizon.net
Tue Sep 11 03:11:55 BST 2007

Hi Group,

Guess I'm behind with my emails! A comment on oil changes in the V8  
motor. I can't think of how many V8 oil changes I have done over the  
past 25 years, but it must be nearing 3 figures-
My procedure has always been this-
Warm up engine. Drain oil from sump. Fill the new oil filter with oil  
- this takes several goes as the new filter is slow to absorb the  
oil .Replace drain plug. Heat the drain plug washer with a torch  
until it is red hot. Let it cool. (This softens the copper.)  Remove  
old oil filter and fit new filter. Fill sump with 5 quarts of oil.  
Start engine and let it idle. Watch the oil pressure light. Engine  
should repressurise within about 5 seconds and the oil light should  
go out. Run engine for a couple more minutes. Shut off and top up oil  
to dipstick mark.
I appreciate the danger of letting the oil pump run dry, but this  
system has always worked for me. The only time that I do the Vaseline  
job on the oil pump is after an engine rebuild or when an engine has  
been sitting for a long time.

Comments (Kent)?

Dermot Harvey
Too many thirsty V8's

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