[ROVERNET - UK] Wheel cyl. info , All of it.

McArdle fmcardle at suffolk.lib.ny.us
Sat Sep 15 14:12:17 BST 2007

Hello Rovernetters, 
      Here's all the dope on what cylinders for what LandRovers. 
 Late 86" and all 88" vehicles use the same cylinders and yes they are
different at all corners. The difference is the size front to rear (fronts
being larger in bore diameter) and the angle at which the brake line
enters them. 

      The 109" vehicles use a different cylinder at each wheel also with
the fronts being unique to 109s and the rears being the same as the 88"
fronts. Here's the final scoop. The the 109" vehicles with the 6 cylinder
engine use different again front cylinders but still use the 88" fronts on
their rears. 

     If you have the original cylinders on the car they are made of alloy
are are infinetly honeable and thereby rebuidable. Just pop the shoes and
open up the cylinders on the car. Hone them right in place clean them out
well and pop in new rubbers. Will work for a very long time. I've done
hundreds this way, never a problem. Just make sure that the bleeder screws
are free before you rebuild, they freeze often. 

    Here are the Girling numbers: 

    88 "  LHF 390073               LHR  390015
          RHF 390072               RHR  390014
          KITS   SP2051 ( 2 wheels)     SP1215 ( 2 wheels)

   109"  LHF 390360                LHR  Same as 88" fronts
         RHF 390361                RHR  Same as 88" rears 
         KITS  SP2006 ( does 2 wheels)

   109" 6 cyl,   LHF 64674107
                 RHF 64674108
                 Kit SP2189  ( 2 wheels )

Depending where you get your shoes from they may come packaged side to
side or by axle set . We used to order them by wheel then they started
packaging by front or rear axle. 

Hope this helps. I can supply you with what ever you wish if you want. (
so can lots of other sources)  Drop me a note if you need more info of

Classic Racing Ent. 

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