[ROVERNET - UK] Free Rover V8 in Maryland

George Phelps mrpink703 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 15 16:14:41 BST 2007

Free to somebody on the list =96 =0A =0ARover V8 in a 3500S in Maryland.  T=
he car is pretty much stripped (although it still has its seats), but you c=
an have the engine and the rest free if you can haul the whole thing away s=
oon (the car rolls, but has no doors).  The engine has about 85k on it and =
has been sitting for a loooong time.  I don=92t know if it turns, but proba=
bly would with some shots of Marvel Mystery Oil or some such.  I can=92t be=
 bothered to try, so that is one of the reasons it=92s free!  It is attache=
d to an automatic transmission.  Let me know if you want to tow it home aft=
er the MGs on the Rocks get together in Baltimore.  I am about an hour and =
a half from there, in Dickerson MD (20842).  Or you can come by anytime.=0A=
 =0AGeorge=0Amrpink703 at yahoo.com=0A=0A=0A       =0A________________________=
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