[ROVERNET - UK] Bad news, Good news, Bad news

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Mon Sep 17 03:44:33 BST 2007

Dirk Burrowes wrote:
> Well I would have never guessed that among all the beautiful cars in the
> Concours event that that the Coupe would win its class and come in first. I
> was hoping for a third place. So a Rover got it's due and in the states no
> less! TWO P5s a Saloon and a Coupe took first place in the same show!!!
> Later the P5b came through again on the way home I was trailering it and my
> son was driving the 3500S when we got about 2 miles from the show grounds
> the P6 died we attempted a fix but for whatever reason it would barely run
> with out the pedal pushed to the floor 
Dirk, if that's the 3500S you got from me, I think it still had the AED 
installed. It was normally (for this car) out of the loop via the 
shutoff or bypass valve on the AED. I wonder if someone fiddled with 
this at the show? Did the car seem to be over-rich or lacking on the 
oxygen side of the ratio? If I remember correctly, letting the AED into 
the loop made the car easy to start when you might want it choked, but 
the car was set up to run at normal temperatures with the AED bypassed 
via that valve. I know that's not how the AED was intended to be used, 
but that was the way this particular car was set up when it came to me.

Hope that helps.


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