[ROVERNET - UK] 3500S intermittent power loss

Christopher Smith csmith at ssl.berkeley.edu
Mon Sep 17 22:19:14 BST 2007

Hi Folks

	I have been a long time lurker and occasional poster on this list for a long 
time and I have a question concerning a problem with my 1970 3500S. I have 
convinced myself it is suffering from fuel starvation but I don't know what I'm 
talking about so I thought I would ask the group. Maybe someone has experienced 
this same problem.
	I bought this car a few years back and have been struggling recently to get it 
back on the road. I am now driving it to work daily but it is intermittently 
losing power. Here are the symptoms I have gathered so far:
	- It drives fine around town but when I get on the highway and drive for a bit, 
maybe 1/2 mile, it suffers a drastic loss in power if I'm at moderate throttle 
or greater. If I take my foot off the gas for a bit and then accelerate again 
power returns for a bit and then disappears again.
	- On the highway this only happens going up a hill or where I have been using 
moderate throttle for a while.
	- If I down shift the problem persists at the higher RPM.
	- I can also get this to occur at lower RPM if I go up a long steep hill with 
wide open throttle.
	- It doesn't appear to be temperature related since I can get right on the 
highway and lose power in about a half mile of accelerating while the engine is 
relatively cool.
	- I put a new fuel filter in this morning with no effect.
	- The vacuum advance is disabled at the moment, parts are on order, but Im 
thinking this isn't the problem since it is so intermittent  ...

Any thoughts?

Northern California, USA
1970 3500S P6b

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