[ROVERNET - UK] 3500S intermittent power loss

Brooks restore at nbnet.nb.ca
Mon Sep 17 22:50:25 BST 2007

It sounds a lot like a problem with the electric fuel pump.

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> Hi Folks
> I have been a long time lurker and occasional poster on this list for a 
> long time and I have a question concerning a problem with my 1970 3500S. I 
> have convinced myself it is suffering from fuel starvation but I don't 
> know what I'm talking about so I thought I would ask the group. Maybe 
> someone has experienced this same problem.
> I bought this car a few years back and have been struggling recently to 
> get it back on the road. I am now driving it to work daily but it is 
> intermittently losing power. Here are the symptoms I have gathered so far:
> - It drives fine around town but when I get on the highway and drive for a 
> bit, maybe 1/2 mile, it suffers a drastic loss in power if I'm at moderate 
> throttle or greater. If I take my foot off the gas for a bit and then 
> accelerate again power returns for a bit and then disappears again.
> - On the highway this only happens going up a hill or where I have been 
> using moderate throttle for a while.
> - If I down shift the problem persists at the higher RPM.
> - I can also get this to occur at lower RPM if I go up a long steep hill 
> with wide open throttle.
> - It doesn't appear to be temperature related since I can get right on the 
> highway and lose power in about a half mile of accelerating while the 
> engine is relatively cool.
> - I put a new fuel filter in this morning with no effect.
> - The vacuum advance is disabled at the moment, parts are on order, but Im 
> thinking this isn't the problem since it is so intermittent  ...
> Any thoughts?
> Chris
> Northern California, USA
> 1970 3500S P6b
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