[ROVERNET - UK] BW 35 shifts like a tr8uck

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Forget the dipstick method for determining the fluid level - it is 
When you take off up a hill when it is cold, does the box have trouble 
staying in first?  I mean under 10mph.
If so add fluid.
A widely experienced friend (does non Rovers, uggh) reckons too full leads 
to vicious reverse gear selection.
Otherwise check the bands.  Too tight maybe.


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> Hi All,
> Would appreciate any words of wisdom about my transmission.  Recently 
> rebuilt Rover V8 Entine and Borg Warner 35, three speed tranny.  Mated 
> them back together easily, engine runs like a dream.  I have fiddled with 
> the new downshift cable/accelerator linkage, but the transmission just 
> 'clunks' going in and out of gear.  Some specifics: It clunks particularly 
> hard when I'm putting it into reverse.  When in drive, it shifts 'hard' 
> and what I've noticed is that if I accelerate smoothly and keep the revs 
> below about 2000, then take my foot of the gas, I can get it to go into 
> 2nd and 3rd very smoothly, but even coming to a stop as it is down 
> shifting, it still clunks.
> The only part of the car that I haven't rebuilt is the rear-end 
> (differential).  Don't know if that could be any part of the culprit.  The 
> transmission was built 2 years ago, one year before the engine rebuild and 
> seemed to shift smoothly. I keep checking the ATF fluid level to make sure 
> that it is not low.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Lance La Certe, Denver.
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