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Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Tue Apr 1 21:25:05 BST 2008

From Glen:

>If you got to 
>, the owner describes a restoration of a NADA 
>Federal 3500S that cost  £16,000. Now, isn't a 
>pound worth about $2 at this point?
>What's interesting about that car is that it was 
>RHD before he restored it. Once again, what's 
>the VIN? Did someone convert it from an NADA 
>car? Or is it a clone? I also notice that the 
>seats and grille are different from the 3500S we 
>got in the states. There are no pictures of the 
>door panels, but I think I see a rotary knob for 
>one of the vent windows. I'd wager anything that 
>this is a home market 3500 with a lot of NADA 
>3500S bits screwed on. Beautiful automobile and 
>excellent workmanship.
>I can see wanting a RHD car for use in the UK, 
>but for $32,000 why not restore an actual 
>original NADA 3500S with all of the original 
>bits? Funny what people with a lot of money 
>choose to do with it.
>Re Steven's comments, the NADA 3500S had many 
>parts that were unique to it including the 
>interior door panels with arm rests and pockets, 
>the hood scoops, and the bumpers, and the grille 
>(though that was mainly a paint job).
>It was the first to have the box pleated upholstery and the round gauges.
>It also had steel bars in the doors for added safety. Did other P6s get these?

NADA ones did near the end

>How about the rotary knobs for opening the vent 
>windows in the front doors?  Did they ever 
>appear on other cars?

Yes, the few series two LHD cars I have seen have the knobs


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